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Name: Sylvia Baker
Nicknames: Silver, Silverkitty, Silverkitty000, and Hey you!
D.O.B.: May 21, 1984
Sex: Mmmmm. Sex. Oh, uh, female.
Location: Michigan, USA
Marital Status: Engaged.
LiveJournal: silver_b
ICQ: 84870101
Yahoo! ID: Silverkitty000
MSN: Silverkitty000
AIM: Silverkitty0000

So I thought I'd update my bio.
I have a BFA from Alma College in Illustration, wouldn't mind a good job in the comic industry but I ain't the type to hold my breath. I wish I could give you some interesting facts about my life...ain't got much to tell ya the truth. I live somewhere between three great lakes in the middle of the woods. I got engaged to Jordan Kinoshita in June 06.
I have a number of animals to my name, which often try to 'aid' in my work... perhaps that's the real reason I don't ink. :P Anyway, I started Ravenwood with the intent to contiune work on it as long as I am able in one form or another. I'm kinda stubborn in that respect, more love for my work than I do myself at times. I'm the youngest of five children(half siblings), with age gap of 15 years. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, with skills in wood working, welding, wood carving, computers, general eletronics, embordery(not kidding.), pottery... hell, I even know how to properly lance and clean infected wounds(blargh). ... and I'm always prepared, yes, I was a Girl Scout, shuddup, I was an awsome Girl Scout.
I suppose if you want to know more about me you can always ask or read my journal. I'm relatively content to remain unknown, with work more popular than myself.

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"Just one question though. Is there a way I can take off my pants?" -Snake, MetalGear Solid 3(Video Game)

"Isn't science fun, Micky?" -Frank, The Punisher(Movie)

"You won't, because you didn't, time travel is funny that way." -Xanatos, Gargoyles(TV Show, ep Vows.)



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