The Unnamed 1.20- Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Unnamed 1.20

June 23, 2016

The future of the comic

Okay, kids. Here’s the deal. I’m in an extremely financially insecure place and simply cannot afford to spend the amount of time I would like on the comic. I still intend to work on it when I can but I will not be able to meet deadlines for something I’m not getting paid to do. One page is worth roughly $200-300 dollars in work hours. This simply isn’t something I can keep up at a consistent rate while I have bills to pay.

Yes, I have a patreon but I think I’ll need to change how its structured and possibly make it less comic concentric as I cannot devote the man hours to something I’m not seeing a significant return on. I, frankly, don’t have a choice. I am disabled. The work avenues available to me, outside of art, will make my condition worse. I say this, the day before I have yet more test done to see if they can do anything for me or even give me a treatable diagnosis.

I’ve been working for 2 plus years to get help, cut expenses, apply for assistance, deal with medical tests, get therapy and it’s still not enough. I will be opening paid commissions at the end of the week. They will take priority over the comic I’m sad to say. I need to bring in, at minimum, $700 a month to cover everything. Will I be able to? I haven’t the faintest idea. My only other options would give me $400 a month and negatively impact my health to a significant degree. Possibly to a life threatening degree. I have many factors working against me.

To recap:
● paid work is my priority.
● the comic will continue at a severely limited basis.
● If you want help, you can pledge to my patreon, or donate via paypal: sylviakinoshita(at)gmail(dot)com
● Lastly: commissions are open.

That's all for now. Sorry things can't be more consistent