Ravenwood 5.09- Friday, September 28, 2007

Ravenwood 5.09

October 2, 2007

SO! You wanna be a comic artist?

I'm alive! Things are a little hectic behind the scenes at the moment! I'm taking on another project for this month. I'm currently helping with the comic called Carpe Diem, where we are updating DAILY for the month of Ocotber. I'll just be on that project for this month, not a perminate thing.
This week's Ravenwood update is still on schedule. Hopefully THAT won't change.

Sorry for all the silence from my end of things. The site REALLY NEEDS A REHUAL! I don't have the time to do a proper rehaul right now... that's what bugs me. Considering getting someone else to do it for me. Maybe bugging the Amazing Kez from War of the Winds for help and pay her some moneychips... because she's awesome with her site making skillz, yo. Course, that plan relies on both of us having the FREE TIME to work on the site. There in lies the problem.

Meanwhile, I set up a mirror archive of Ravenwood at Drunkdunk, now that their site no longer sucks monkey butt.

Still looking for steady work. It's tough, but I got all my basic needs taken care of(ie food, roof, clothes.). I have a LITTLE pocket money. Money got through commissions work and doing odd jobs. And I'd REALLY hate to ask you guys for money. Not dirt poor, just... can't buy anything beyond nessities. If ya feel like giving it would be nice, but I ain't starving. I mean, can't be that hard off if I still gots the internets! Any money donated goes toward drawing supplies(paper, penciles, etc) to keep things going smoothly. I have a bit of a stash of supplies that'll keep till December, where I'll then ask for drawings supplies for Christmas! HEH!

Anyway, that's what's going on. You can check in over in >my livejournal if you want the nity gritty details of daily goings on of an artistic workaholic.