Sylvia Kinoshita

I'm always terrible at bios but here goes

I live somewhere in the wilds of Michigan and occasionally venture over into the wilds of Ontario to commune with higher bandwidth in the possession of close family. I hibernate regularly under a blanket of cats and one dog. I am often joined by my husband in our house of many small rooms.

I'm a collection of disorders cobbled together into a somewhat functional human being. I've always loved drawing and stories. I'm dyslexic and I kinda have a love/hate relationship with the mechanics of writing despite loving to tell stories. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on illustration which is how Ravenwood was started. The first issue was an illustration project in college, one that I loved so much I decided to continue.

Unfortunately, my health isn't so great, which is usually the cause of upsets to my update schedule. I'm currently going to specialists and other doctors to help elevate symptoms and answer questions(i.e. do I have anything else wrong with me?!). My twitter holds my irritation tweets on this matter.

Enough about that. If you're a fan of Ravenwood, you already know I had to stop working on it in 2008. A lot has happened that has prevented me from coming back sooner. It has always been my intention to come back and I'm so glad I've finally been able to.

Oh and for the curious, my last name is prounouced by saying it as fast as you can. Incidentally, some websites won't let me use my last name as a username because it has "shit" in it. I'm looking at you Esty.